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  • 18 May 2024A World in Turmoil

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The Fragrance Of Tears

Victoria Schofield

How Wars End Theory And Practice

Richard Iron

Damien Kingsbury

Political, Economic and Legal Effects Of Artificial Intelligence

Georgios I. Zekos

The Return Of The Taliban Afghanistan After The Americans Left

Hassan Abbas

Pakistan Origins Identity and Future

Pervez Hoodbhoy

India's Foreign Policy and Economic Challenges

Silvio Beretta

Comparative Constitutional Law

Hamid Khan
M Waqar Rana

Introducing International Relations

Farhan Hanif Siddiqi

Muhammad Nadeem Mirza

Jinnah: His Successes, Failures, and Role in History

Ishtiaq Ahmed

Pandemic, Covid-19 Shakes the World

Slavoj Zizek

Political Conflict in Pakistan

Mohammad Waseem


Bob Woodward

Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World

Fareed Zakaria

The Afghanistan Papers: The Secret History of the War

Craig Whitlock

The Arab Conquests: The Spread of Islam the First Caliphates

Justin Marozzi

The Battle of Belonging; on the Nationalism, Patriotism, and what it means to be Indian

Shashi Tharoor

The Bhutto Dynasty: The Struggle for Power in Pakistan

Owen Bennett Jones

The Messenger of Hindu Nationalism: How RSS reshaped India

Walter Anderson

The Misunderstood Ally

Faraz Inam

The Nine Lives of Pakistan: Dispatches from a Divided Nation

Declan Walsh

The time and the trial of the Rawalpindi Conspiracy

Hasan Zaheer

The United States of War

David Vine

Afghan Napoleon: The Life of Ahmed Shah Masood

Sandy Gall

A Promised Land

Barack Obama

A Short History of Islamic thought

Fitzroy Morissey

Blood and Oil: MBS’s Ruthless Quest for Global Power

Bradley Hope

Compulsions of Power: Biography of Gen. Mirza Aslam Baig

Ashfaq Hussain

Countering Violent Extremism in Pakistan Local Action, Local Voices

Anita M. Weiss

Decision Making: In American Foreign Policy: Translating Theory into Practice

Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Jessica D. Blankshain, David A. Copper

Dying to Serve: Militarism, Affects, and the Politics of Sacrifice in the Pak Army

Maria Rashid

Erdogan Rising; A Warning to Europe

Hannah Lucindia Smith

Honour Among Spies

Asad Durrani

In Defense of the United States Constitution

Robert S. Singh

In Search of Lost Glory: Sindhi Nationalism

Asma Faiz

Pakistan In an age of Turbulence

Masuma Hasan