Special Collections and Archives

Newspaper Clippings

The Library maintains a unique system of newspaper clippings from 1955 to date under more than 15,000 heads. The cuttings are from leading Pakistani newspapers and cover nearly all aspects of international relations.

Books, Periodicals and Documents

The Library maintains a rare collection of books, periodicals and documents. It includes material relating to the pre-Partition era and also rare speeches and encyclopedic material.

Some of the rare periodicals are:

  • The Comrade,1911,1912,1913 edited by Mohammad Ali Jauhar

  • Hamdard, 1913 edited by Mohammad Ali Jauhar.

  • Al-Hilal, 1912-1914 Chief Editor Abul Kalam Azad.

  • Al-Balagh, 1915-1916 Chief editor; Abul Kalam Azad.

  • Tehzib-ul- Akhlaq, 1312-1313 Hijra, edited by Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan.

  • Commonwealth, 1917 edited by Annie Besant.

Rare documents include:

  • Balochistan District Gazzetteer Series (12 Volumes Set)

  • Annual Administration Reports of the Balochistan Agency (1920-1940) and other Rare Books. Third Phase (27 Volumes Set)

  • Kandahar News Letters (1883-1905), (10 Volumes Set)

  • Balochistan Confidential Diaries (3 Volumes)

  • Report on Quetta Earthquake of 31st May 1935

  • A speech delivered by Ghazi Mustapha Kemal: President of Turkish Republic, October 1927.

  • Census of India, 1921

Audio and transcripts

The Library maintains a collection of audio recordings of the various roundtable discussions, lectures and seminars held in the Institute. A number of these audio recordings have been transcribed by the Institute’s research staff and have been published in various issues of Pakistan Horizon.